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Welcome to the free astrology course! There are no gimmicks. This is a $500 course I decided to give away (for free) to help you truly understand what is in the book​Astrology—taught properly—is an extensive way of measuring the world around us (to put it mildly), and it is easy to get lost, frustrated, or bored. That is why this course is free. I created this course to make it fun to learn astrology and see real results in your daily life.

I am hoping that you have a copy of The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—EVER!! as you will need it for this course to really make sense, and you buying a copy helps me give you more great instruction at reasonable costs—and free stuff like this course. All I ask is that you take a few days between lessons and really look around the world. Try everything out in real-life, and see how more insightful you are. I absolutely promise I will give you x-ray vision.

One last note: I am currently teaching these classes live, so new ones will be added until we reach the end of the book. So please keep coming back for more free lessons—and use what you learn for fun and profit.


Thanks for being here!

Section One

Ch. 1: Hello and welcome

This first video is a bit long, as it is an introduction to concept, and also preparing you for what you will experience, and more than a little housecleaning (explaining necessary details).

27 min.

Ch. 2: Polarities

"Let the games begin!" This is where you can dive right in and just start learning how astrology works as we explore our first unit of measurement/classification/categorization. 

33 min.

Ch. 3: Qualities

Building on the process we used to make sense of the world around us split into various "this or that" dichotomies, we examine not only how things *can* be split into three parts, but how and why they are, should, and how this helps us understand them infinitely better. 

53 min.

Ch. 4: Elements

We examine how the four states of matter evolved from the "classical elements of science," and how these categories are used to describe various energies. This represents the last of our three primary building blocks in astrology.

25 min.

Section One Summary

Before we jump into the next phase of learning astrology, we examine what we have learned and how these three different ways of chopping up reality layer (on top of each other). This is not so much "new" information as it is essential to understand how the parts fit together, so that the next section will be even easier to comprehend and work with. 

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