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Get our $500 astrology course ABSOLUTELY FREE.

There are 31 highly detailed lessons, each about an hour long (some may be longer), and each lesson is delivered
directly to your email inbox, every few days.

We hope that you will buy a copy of this revolutionary
textbook to make learning astrology fast and fun.


Our course even comes with free live workshops where you can get help directly from the
academy founder, bestselling author, and astrology teacher Dusty White. Simply show up and learn,
or ask questions. We are here to help you every step of the way. No gimmicks, no BS.

We want you to become a better astrologer.


Simply register with Zoom to get your seat. No catch.



We are a metaphysical family. 

We are students of metaphysics, philosophy, magic, and spiritual evolution. We are all in this together, as teachers, researchers, guides, healers, psychics, astrologers, diviners, and counsellors. Our family includes some of the top executives in the world, politicians, lawyers, surgeons, religious leaders, stay-at-home-moms, college students, and friendly people from various walks of life. We were founded by teacher, author, astrologer, tarot professional, and psychic Dusty White as the House of White (to indicate and enforce a status of quality and compassion above profit), and evolved into the Academy of Divination. 


We are here to help you become the best in the world. 


THAT IS OUR #1 JOB. To that end, we employ various methods and activities to help you achieve this state.



We teach astrology, tarot, manifestation, magical theory, and other life-enhancing subjects,
methods, and techniques to students all over the world. We are the most sincere, most
compassionate, and most dedicated metaphysical educational center, and our doors are always
open, providing more free education than most other schools charge money for. 

Every day, we volunteer our time to help people all over the world improve their lives with free workshops and assistance, both for the general public and our academy students. Unlike other “schools,” it’s not just about the money with us. We believe that investment of our time and money into community development makes for a more pleasant environment. If you do too, we would like you to become a part of our family.


Simply put, we are the best, and we know it. We have invented or pioneered many of the educational techniques and group study methods other "schools" copy and charge far more for

We are researchers. We are constantly pushing the borders and boundaries of tangible-results-oriented divination and manifestation practices, drawing from both thousands of years of antecedent research and our own experimentation and findings. 


We research, test, and publish our findings to our students exclusively through our mystery school, occasionally leaking out helpful secrets to the general public in the form of free workshops, free courses, free videos, free audio podcasts, and free textual information. 



We will never lie to you, sell your data, or willfully give it to ANY marketing company, government, or advertiser without your explicit consent. We will never mistreat your trust or private information. Additionally, if you abuse, harass, or try to scam our students you will be permanently banned from all future products, services, secrets, benefits, and educational opportunities. This also includes lying to us. We reserve the right of discretion as to what this entails.



Astrological research for corporate or political campaigns

  • When you need to WIN, and failure is not an option, consider bringing on a professional information specialist. 

  • Discreet, detailed, extremely thorough. This service is reserved for top-tier candidates and serious contenders.


  • Astrological analysis of personnel, competition, situation, and various options.

  • Please email with contact information and best time to reach you.


Law enforcement and other investigative contract work

  • We are eager to assist in advanced data collection or assessment. We are easy to work with and all of our services are guaranteed. We can help you find the information you need, and if we can't, we will tell you up front and not waste your time or money. 

  • Contact us and let us know how to reach you for a discrete appointment. We will take the time to listen and enhance your data collection efforts. If you have never experienced the results afforded by serious professionals, you are in for a treat. Give us a try; you will be more than satisfied. We don't presume to replace what you know. We add to your existing knowledge.


Private instruction

  • Dusty is available from time to time for individual private lessons, small group or corporate executive training, and mentorship. Additionally, apprentices are taken on only after careful evaluation.

  • Please do not hesitate to say hi and let us know what you would like to learn, and your situation. We are friendly, non-judgmental, and here to help you become better than anyone else.

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