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Disclaimer: Please read this first
Everyone's experience is their own. These are a small handful of results some of our students have achieved. 

  • Please understand that NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE you will get these results.

  • We are not guaranteeing you will make *any* money, or get ANY clients. 

  • It takes work, and we want to help, but please think any investment decisions through carefully. 

  • We teach metaphysics, and how to get clients. We cannot get them for you, and we want to be fully compliant with all laws and regulations, so we are advising you in advance that your results will be your own.

  • Thank you for being here. We really do want to help you succeed.

  • Each of these (below) and many others are all documented.

One million views on Youtube in six months

I didn't teach N. how to get millions of people to watch her Youtube videos. All I did was help her master astrology and helped her with some of her branding and other business hurdles. She did the work. She had the brilliant idea to make fun astrological forecasts by sign, and in the process picked up a *LOT* of clients, and even turned down a job offer reading for $420 an hour because she would lose money. Not even I get those kinds of offers. I want you to see what YOU can do to get clients (and build your reputation) besides reading for one person at a time

From psychic phones lines to Oxford University

Another of my students (many of you know) was working on the psychic phone lines when we started doing one on one lessons. Together, we got her working at an outdoor market every week (making good money), then tarot parties, and finally huge weekend music festivals with tens of thousands of attendees and finally reading at Oxford Freakin' University! (the one in England, not "Bob's Backyard Oxford Drive-in"). Apologies to Bob by the way. She did all of the work. I was always in her corner as her coach, guide, and advisor, and helped her immensely, but she. did. all. the. work.

Sarah sez:

"Just a message to let you guys all know you're freakin' AWESOME! I love these classes. -AND- the classroom is filled with some of the nicest, coolest people. Best tarot lessons. Ever. 😃"

Meet one of our staff
(who is here to help *you*)

N. is a graduate of the HoW academy and has also passed certification and assessment, earning various credentials. She volunteers her time helping students become more proficient, confident, and skilled. Professionally, she consults private, group, and corporate events with a specialty in interpersonal relationships. She has earned the status of Certified Professional Tarot Reader with TABI, the International Tarot Guild. She is also one of Dusty's personally-trained astrology students.

Lawyer uses her skills in court

(Name withheld for obvious reasons) is just ONE OF several practicing lawyers I have taught. She has used her knowledge of astrology to better understand how to approach cases and most specifically the court. While her counterparts (the lawyers on the other side) make senseless mistakes due to arrogance and ignorance of the judge's preferences and predilections, she has "done well" (to say the least) by knowing how to present, when to let the other side screw up, and to recognize it happening. Astrology does not do the work for you, but it does allow you to know how things work (or break)—in real time. 

Voted best psychic in town three years in a row

S. studied with Dusty decades ago. Since then, she has practiced in earnest, and built up a clientele over the years, not only winning several commendations and awards, but being hired to give readings for Hollywood celebrity parties. In addition to reading at shops, she has a private clientele she serves from home, and when it is convenient for her she does group events and parties. Her rate is over $100 an hour. 

Closed a two billion dollar deal with help from the tarot

DISCLAIMER: You will probably never do this, and this is not at all the typical result of anyone taking a class on reading the tarot. J. was a highly skilled (and extremely well paid) Manhattan executive in her own right. She graduated from university and worked her way into a high-end corporate executive position. 


She and I worked together (*mostly her*) on a two billon dollar deal that just would not "close." We used the tarot for additional insight and conducted astrological research to help gain the edge needed to bring this huge deal together. *She did the work.* I was, as always, an adviser. This was a once in a lifetime event (like the time I predicted the 7.0 L.A. earthquake and ran around like Chicken Little), but sometimes things like this just happen. 


Things like the tarot and astrology DO NOT do the work for you, and they are not "magic beans." They can only enhance the work you are already doing, but in the cutthroat corporate world of high finance, many of my students have seen the value of enhanced awareness and additional insight. 


It is my hope you succeed in whatever endeavor in which you engage, but please realize that your results will be yours—these results above were just what happened to some of my students who worked very hard and fate smiled upon them.

There are so many more, but it gets to be too much . . .

So, thank you for reading these, if you did. A reminder, no one can guarantee you will become popular, famous, or wealthy with their system, and neither can we. This goes beyond whatever laws dictate that we have to "add disclaimers." 

We are here to help you. Part of that is helping you see what some of our other students have achieved, but also gently admonishing that it takes work, and sometimes things just work better than others. You can't "win" if you don't try, but trying is no guarantee of success. 


Please take your time and think this through: Is it worth YOUR TIME to educate yourself? Free is free (as in the free course), but it still takes time out of your day. I would rather you invest in yourself than the latest passing fad (I lost a LOT playing with cryptocurrency, so I have made some mistakes of my own). I want you as a student. I want you to see how amazing it is having x-ray vision. And you can see the proof that we have valuable information. But is it right for you? Only you can answer that. Okay, I have warned you away enough—I hope to see you in class.




"Dusty, you are amazing! This wonderful and extremely well-written book gives organized and clear explanations and meanings . . . All areas have been covered. It guides you every step of the way . . . I am gaining invaluable experiences including the opportunity to help other people, which was my primary goal." 

— Bobby


"He is genuinely authentic and really cares about the people that he works with. He is more concerned with teaching and helping people to understand the concepts than he is in trying to sell a product. I learned so many techniques loaded with impact that I have never found in any tarot books."


— CB