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Any of the FREE CHART services on this page will give you the same basic chart. They will look different because of the graphics. They may use different house systems, but you can't "change your chart" by choosing one service over another. Also, I make NO MONEY from any of this, and only list them as a courtesy :-)


Makers of great astrological software for decades, their website is ugly and basic, but IT HAS NO ADS. This is a super easy "in and out" solution when you just need data right away, and you don't want to screw around or get distracted. 


CLICK HERE for their BIRTH CHART page. Or if you want to see the "current astrological weather" just click here for their home page.




No! They don't even ask for it. They do have a place where you *can* put in your email, but that is optional. I have been using this site for over twenty years and NEVER received any email from them (the jerks!). This is a safe site.

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This site is prettier and also has no pop-ups or giant ads you have to wade through just to make up a chart. 


CLICK HERE to get directly to the form to fill in your information to get a chart.



I honestly don't know, but I have never received any spam. Use at your own discretion and risk.

Okay, these people have a GREAT domain name right? I wonder how much they had to pay someone for that! I like that they are open and direct, letting you know that if they give you a free chart, you are also going to be on their mailing list for offers and whatnot (please see the current incarnation of their page to see if this is still the case).This is also where you fill in the form.


BUT, they will add you to a mailing list. If that is your thing, great. Other sites—which I have specifically chosen NOT to list have pop-up windows and other impediments to you "just getting a chart," so this is not so bad. But choose what works for you.

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