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Polarities: Chapter Two, Lesson 2

This session of the academy's free astrology course (for the general public) covers the material in the second chapter of our basic astrology textbook, The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—EVER!! Polarities represent the most basic, and therefore the first division in astrology. Humans love to break things down into opposites. Astrology uses this as the first building block of analysis.


We strongly encourage you to watch this short session two, or even three times—if you can, over a period of time, to really get a sense of how intrinsic it is to humans to make this basic division of things (entities: people, pets, corporations, governments, but also events, circumstances, eras, and environments) into workable models. Polarities are all around us. They exist, but it is our (humanity's) need to classify things (people, etc.) into "this or that" categories that allow us to make value judgments, and thus simply our common thought to allow for more complex thought processes.


Take notes, and please do NOT rush ahead, or you will get lost several lessons from now. We see this all the time, as students gloss over the essentials and foundations of metaphysical material, only to become overwhelmed with complex formulas and processes because they do not understand the basics. We do have free workshops to help you ask questions directly from Dusty. Thank you for being here. 

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