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Chapter Ten, Lesson 10​a: Sun + Moon


This is a *long* lesson. There is just so much to know, and even in this lesson I could only cram in so much. But I did try to keep it interesting. These are the basics of what you absolutely must know to understand how the sun and moon work in astrology, and how the astrological calendar works. IN THE PAID COURSE we go *much deeper* into all of this.

Below this video you will find the "personal planets" lesson and then below that, the "impersonal planets" lesson. These are a part of chapter 10 in the book. Please try to give at least 4 days in between lessons, so that you have time to test all of this out "in real life." Don't just take my word for it. Thanks, as ever, for being here!

Chapter Ten, Lesson 10​b: Mercury, Venus, Mars


Today, we look at the personal planets that surround our core identity (past the combination of the sun and moon in our astrological map). We begin to unfold the complexities of reality as we start exploring various nuances and details of the personality of an entity (person, place, or thing). As we dive into Mercury — the planet influencing our thoughts, mindset, and psyche. As well as Venus and Mars — the biological planets, instinctually swaying and modifying our day to day decision making skills and beyond.

Chapter Ten, Lesson 10c: Jupiter, Saturn

We finish our romp through the planets of classical Western astrology with a brutal take down of Jupiter and Saturn. These two gas giants are exceptionally important in astrological analysis, but they have a place and that place is far beyond the asteroid belt. This is a quick but deep look at the nature of both of these planets in astrology and how they shape personality, character, and structure in any chart.

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