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Qualities: Chapter Three, Lesson 3

In this session, we examine the astrological theory of "qualities," and how this theory synchronizes with the theory of time itself. Humanity has invested all of its collective psychological value into a concept known as time, where everything that exists must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. More than that, any point that exists where the entity does not exist, is either "before"—"pre" or "past," or "after"—"post" or "future." Example: Before you were born things did not matter, as they did not happen to you. You were not "extant" or "here" to experience them. Oh well. After you die (hopefully not for many centuries, and only after a very long and happy life), you don't need to worry about what comes next, as it can't affect you.

Astrology examines this concept, and finding it a valid form of categorizing human existence in the "space-time continuum," uses this as a  core tenet in basic astrological measurement, alongside the concept of polarities. As astrology is the science behind metaphysics, and also an objective measure of life on earth—from the perspective of the observer, who is in fact on the surface of the earth—astrology expands the basic concept of time into a workable method of deepening our understanding of human character, nature, intent, and so on. Qualities become the measure of a "thing's" current state, natural state, alignment to the past, present, or future, and a great predictor of how that entity (thing) will respond to stress or environment. 

Not to worry though, all of this is presented in a fun, friendly, and easy-to-absorb style of teaching in both the textbook (The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—EVER!!) and this video lesson. As this information is core and essential, we strongly recommend you do not rush through this chapter or video. Take your time, watch the video at least twice (at some point), and most importantly: get out in the world and prove these theories to yourself. They are real, they work, and they are easy to see. You don't have to take anything on faith. Astrology is additive. It enhances what you know; it never replaces logic with superstition (unless you are reading some crappy website or book by someone who values fame or superstition over actually learning what real astrology is and how it works).

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