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Elements: Chapter four, Lesson 4

In this session, we examine the four "classical elements of science," which have their roots in ancient research. These four classical elements of science have nothing to do with the "periodic table of elements." They are analogous to the four states of matter in physics. Metaphysics extends this correlation into meaning, intent, purpose, character, and structure. Astrology uses this to classify data. Metaphysics as a whole uses various disciplines in concert: astrology being the Saturnian structure of organization.

Elements are the core component in astrology, kind of like atoms are to physics. Polarities and qualities are definitions of, or the "thing" that is an element. In as much as polarities and qualities are valid forms of organizing data, and proper measurements, they are not essentially stand-alone-items, as much as they are classifications of the unit, in the same way that protons, neutrons, and electrons are the building blocks that make each atom unique. Keep in mind that was a very rough analogy to help most people get the basic idea of how these three "building blocks of astrology" relate to each other, as they will all be present, consistent, and important throughout your experiences and interactions with astrology over the years. 

As always, please take notes, and if you have any questions, come to our free workshops, where you can get live helo directly from Dusty—or take the full course when we are accepting students from the general public. Thanks for being here! 

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