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Octaves: Chapter five, Lesson 5

So we begin section two. Leaving behind the microcosm of polarities, qualities, and elements (the building blocks of our astrological map), we move to the second level of layers in the diagram we are building. Inasmuch as polarities, qualities, and elements are all individual layers in our diagram, this new instruction creates a new "set" of layers. 

The themes of 2, 3, and 4 repeat in cycles in astrology (as a measure of natural energy). This "second set of layers" will complete our "base map" or our empty chart, onto which we will add data points. We will populate our empty chart with the markers that make each individual unique only after we have a workable chart. We have learned the microcosm. To understand this on a macrocosmic scale we have to experience the mesocosm, or "middle world." That is what these next three lessons are all about, and it starts with octaves. This lesson compliments the book, but it is really worth reading that chapter at least twice, as this information is found nowhere else in the world.

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