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Signs (Part One): Chapter Eight, Lesson 8

So, at least we have names for these long-winded descriptions of categorizations of energy. "Labels! We need more labels! In fact, I want labels on everything!" Money doesn't make the world go 'round—labels do (and besides, "money" is just a label, so "take that" whoever invented currency). This is not a 30-minute distillation of (over 70 pages) the chapter on "Signs" in the textbook. This is a new take on the whole of it, and I want to show you how it all fits and why. these labels free up your mind for even more data to be processed. Everything comes down to signs. That is such an important piece of knowledge that I would like it to be something of a mantra moving forward. But for now, this is a LONG chapter, and a short video, because we "got to keep on moving." If you can't read the entire chapter "this week," get as far as you can (comfortably) and keep picking at it. Stay current with the other chapters, and just slowly work your way through the signs chapter as we learn more and more. You will understand why, after the fact. And this will make you a better astrologer than almost anyone you ever meet.


Today's handouts

This is an astrological chart scratchpad (one page) to help you decipher someone's (or some "thing's" chart. It is purposefully simple, because that is where we are in the course right now. Later handouts will be more complex. Nonetheless, we hope you will use this for your own studies, as it is an incredibly valuable tool. ALSO: Here is a fun "signs diagram" I made up years ago to help students cement what signs are and why we spent all of this time learning.

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