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Section Five

Synastry (chart vs. chart)


109 min.

Transits (chart vs. time)


?? min.

Progressed Charts


?? min.

How to Read a Chart!

There are dozens of ways to read a chart, and hundreds of things to consider. It all depends how deep you want to go. You can scan a chart for active and dominant signs and houses, aspects, themes, and other data. Or you can take as much time as you like (minutes, hours, even days) and dig so deeply into a character/structure analysis that you literally see through that person, corporation, government, place, event, circumstance, union, organization, or whatever you can draw up a chart to examine. In this session I try to cram in as much as I can in the short time we have.


Please note this is only the *introductory session* to the next 5 (FIVE!) lessons on how to read a chart in the main course (so I hope you will consider taking your studies seriously and take that course—it comes with study groups!). But even in this FREE course, you are getting a world-class education. Be sure to try out the techniques outlined in the book. 


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