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Section Four

Aspects are a way of measuring the relationship between two entities. Most used for examining the connection between one planet to another. We can also use aspects when analyzing how one sign gets along with another, how one house interacts with another house.


There are five major aspects: 


  • Conjunction (0°)

  • Sextile (60°)

  • Square (90°)

  • Trine (120°)

  • Opposition (180°)

Ch 17: Minor Aspects and Grand Aspects

Expanding on our knowledge from the previous session, we go deep into the five major aspects and how the affects of the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, and Opposition translate to the real world context and scenarios. 


As well, we learn that some aspects are easier than others. While some provide more ease and smooth sailings, others provide more challenges that facilitates growth and self development. The grand aspects we go into are known as the Grand Cross, Grand Trine, Kite, and the T-Square.

54 min.

Ch 18: Parallels and Contraparallels

We are now fully aware how “major aspects” take the cake when exploring relationships between each planet and sign. While the “minor aspects” generally become less prominent when interpreting said connections. Today, we learn that parallels and contraparallels are essentially the sprinkles on our astrological cake.


With the main aspects taking priority, we will see that these two declinations typically strengthen or weaken placements on top of other notable influences in our charts.  Commonly, parallels and contraparallels will be something interesting to note, but not a mandatory or the deciding factor.

20 min.

Ch 19: Planetary Dignities

Like reality, there are pros and cons for everything we encounter. In this session, we learn that not all planets are equally strong in every sign or house. We dive into the strengths and weaknesses of each planet in their respective signs, learning four new terms associated with those attributes, also known as: Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment, and Fall. 

78 min.

Ch. 16: Major Aspects

43 min.

Section Four Summary

Grasping the concepts of major and minor aspects in addition to strengths and weaknesses of each planetary placement in sign and house really sharpens our awareness of reality that much more. With all our astrological knowledge cemented up to this point, we are ready to move on to the truly fun stuff. Reading charts for ourselves, our friends, family, lovers, [ even enemies! (shh . . . ) ] and beyond. 

As chart interpretation is a separate art in itself, moving forward, we will utilize all that we know to piece the astrological puzzle together like a perfect mosaic.

53 min.

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