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Section Two

Ch. 5: Octaves

We now enter the middle world. The patterns remain the same, but now we see them as themes in a larger world. Pay especially close attention to this chapter and lesson, as this information is both deep and unique.

42 min.

Ch. 6: Hemispheres

Hemispheres are zones that can be applied to any circular diagram, although they are much more helpful in some diagrams than others. In astrology, there are four hemispheres, or "two sets" of hemisphere pairs. Generally speaking though, we just say "hemispheres" and refer to one set or the other without too much obsession on exactly which set we are referring to, as we say things like "upper" and "lower," or "top" and "bottom," "left" and "right" (hemispheres). Nonetheless, this lesson fills in an extremely important final step in our topographical chart construction. After this we are just refining hemispheres (in the next lesson) and after that we start labelling things. 

47 min.

Ch. 7: Quadrants

We are now at our last stop before we assign names and labels to to compartmentalize our astrological knowledge into categorize. 


Quadrants are distinct areas of life that are derived from the overlapping of hemispheres. Thus, we have four quadrants in our map that provide more details and depth in what we already know. We will see this come to life when we compare parts of a chart, or comparing parts of one chart against parts of another and explore the ins and outs of what makes each unique. What are the similarities and differences from one another?

47 min.

Section Two Summary

Coming soon . . . (I still need to make this video—but go to Section 3!)

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