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Section Three

Ch. 8: Signs (Part One)

This is a quick overview of what signs are and how you can frame your knowledge of them for a far deeper understanding of the entire concept of astrological analysis, and how signs fit into the whole. The in-depth examination of signs happens in the book, from chapters two through eight—and then even in later chapters. This lesson is here to help you know why you need this knowledge and how to use it in the real world to improve your quality of life—and how to help the people around you, with your enhanced awareness. Please remember this at all times: Astrology is additive. It does not supplant your skills, knowledge, or common sense. It makes you smarter.

33 min.

Ch. 9: Houses (Part One)

It's finally here! "HOUSES" in astrology!


Where do they come from? What do they want with us? Why do they matter? If we ignore them, will they just go away and leave us in peace? Today we dive further down the rabbit hole as we split (literally) *everything* from signs and give it to our new layer that we have lovingly called "houses" (for some reason—that will all be explained in a few sessions, after we clear up something even more important). 

But we have cake! So come learn astrology with cake as we defeat the nefarious plan of the evil houses to steal "half our stuff!" 


This builds on top of what we are learning from the book (just Chapter nine so far, or "Houses (Part One)"). The rest of the tangled mess that is houses will just have to wait for later lessons, so we can enjoy this last layer of our empty map. Next week we will start populating our map with live data, so get in now and learn "houses" so that the rest is easy.

29 min.

Ch. 10: Planets!

On this ONE PAGE, you will find three different lectures: The lights, the personal planets, and the impersonal planets. These are all covered in chapter ten of the book, but as there is so much to know in astrology, I have broken these categories into three different weekly lessons. They will all appear on this one page.


Ch's. 11 & 12: The Astronomy of Signs & Houses!
("Part Two")

Super-advanced lesson today, but presented in an easy-to-understand way. Rather than reiterate what I wrote in the book, I want to SHOW YOU HOW to easily understand what any SIGN in ANY HOUSE means when you are looking at a chart. This is not about "planets in signs, in houses." That we cover thoroughly in the paid course. This is a special shot in the arm to help you easily learn what it means when you look at ANY CHART where the signs and houses do not "match up perfectly." And as to that, we will look at how and why that happens in forthcoming lessons. For right now, just take this in small bites and keep practicing!

65 min.

Ch. 13: Houses (Part Three) The four "cardinal points"

Today we explore the main four angles of an astrological chart. These points are known as: 


  • 1st house: The Ascendent (Rising Sign)

  • 7th house: The Descendent

  • 10th house: The Midheaven (Medium Coeli)

  • 4th house: The Imum Coeli (IC) 


These houses represent pivotal themes of our lives and define who we are as individuals, how we are in partnerships, who we are in the public spotlight versus the privacy and comfort of our own homes. 

47 min.

Ch. 15 So many house systems! (Which one is best?)

And so we’ve reached the greatest astrological debate of all time. Which house system do we use when talking about astrology. Whole Sign, Equal House, Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian? The list goes on… 


In this session, we go through the ins and outs of the most popular house systems actively used today. Discussing the history, theory, and application behind each one. Remember, if it works for you and you are accurate, then you are right! 

44 min.

Section Three Summary

At this stage, we have filled our astrological map with signs, houses, house systems and so forth. While adding more labels helps us categorize and define our knowledge of astrology, it also creates a number of complexities. Moving forward, we will further explore the strengths and weaknesses of each planet and sign, as well as diving into the relationships between planets, signs, houses, and beyond.

94 min.

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